Scottish Civil Justice Council appoints new advocate member

Dec 16, 2020

A new advocate member, Catherine Smith, has been appointed to the Scottish Civil Justice Council for a three-year term from Thursday 3 December 2020.  This appointment fills one of the two appointments for advocate members to the Council.

Ms Smith is an advocate who specialises in personal injury, judicial review and clinical negligence cases, with additional experience in criminal law. Once called as an advocate she has had a mixed civil and criminal practice, although it is principally civil now. She holds a strong commitment to pro bono work and has diverse experience both within and beyond the law.

The Chair of the Council, the Lord President, Lord Carloway, said: “I would like to welcome Catherine to the Council. I am confident that the Council will benefit from her wealth of knowledge and expertise”.

The appointment was made by the Lord President following an open and competitive recruitment exercise in consultation with the Dean of Faculty.


Providing Feedback

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