How can I become a committee member?

Under its Standing Orders, when the Council establishes a new committee, it will also determine the membership of the committee. Thereafter, the Council will review its committee structure annually.

A register of interest is held by the Council Secretariat, recording notes of interest from those who have expressed an interest in serving on particular committees. This register is consulted if changes are required to committee membership, for example, if a vacancy arises or if additional representation is required on the committee, either for a specific project or more generally.

Nominations are considered by the Secretariat along with the Chair of the relevant committee. Any proposed appointment is tabled for approval by the Council at its next meeting.

If you would like to register your interest in becoming a member of a committee, please email the Secretariat indicating the committees in which you are interested along with a note of your relevant experience.

Notes of interest will be registered for a one year period from date of receipt and can be re-registered if no appointment is made during that period.